Wednesday, January 24, 2007

J2ME Applications to run on Sony's PSP

People at java4psp are porting J2ME Virtual Machine to the PSP which means we will see J2ME apps (and games) running on the PSP soon! The project's name is BLUEKVM. This also enable we programmers to program the PSP in Java language (which is easier to code/debug than those alien C/C++).

Welcome to PSP Java Development!

This is an experimental project on the Java technology for the PSP platform.

Current Subprojects
1. BLUEKVM - A port of the J2ME technology's Kilobyte Virtual Machine (KVM). The KVM core libraries, virtual machine

features, security, input/output, and networking is defined by the Connected Limited Device Configuration,

version 1.1.

Please visit for more details of the J2ME technology.

Download the BLUEKVM demo version (
to see a sample Java code running on your PSP!

2. PlayStation Device Profile (under research)

QPOINT Software Group
PHYSIKA, THe U.P. Applied Physics Society


sonteenzz said...

oh! It's interesting.
That's the result from Sun opensourced J2ME?

b4lmung said...

I want to downgrade my psp fw2.81 T^T

slugzoe said...

i'm a J2ME programmer of gameloft in chinese CHD studio,and i'm very interest in this topic,would you connect me on MSN?and my MSN,
waiting for you~

.:: m3rLinEz ::. said...

Hi slugzoe,

I think there is some misunderstandings. You can find more info on this at java4psp web site located at .

Anonymous said...

i am looking a J2ME programmer to write a simple application for mobile phones in order to display data sent via Bluetooth from a device i have made.
my email is