Friday, June 22, 2007

Running a J2ME application on Windows Mobile 5.0 devices

It is a real pain for Windows Mobile users to get a simple J2ME program to run on their mobile devices. I owned a Dopod 818 pro which is running WM5, and now I have to get my J2ME application to run on it.

Dopod actually bundled an application named MIDLet manager to run J2ME program. But after using it for a while, I experienced some weird behaviors such as automatic closing of the running program. So I think I should find other JVM for my phone.

After some googlings, I found that IBM J9 is one of the good choices. I download the installation package and follow instructions in install.pdf. There is also a good guide, which covers the installation for other platforms, at Markus blog too.

I first faced with the weird Exception from emulator.exe which says it cannot download the jad files.

An exception occurred
[//J9/IBM/examples/golfscoretrackersuite.jad] while downloading from file://J9/IBM/examples/golfscoretrackersuite.jad

Then, I found out that I mistyped the URL. It has to be “file:///{path}” instead of “file://{path}” (Note that there are THREE SLASHES) :P

I can now get the example ran.


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