Saturday, November 1, 2008

Google DevFest Bangkok Wrap-up

Yesterday, I attended the DevFest Bangkok workshop, organized by Google team, at Chulalongkorn University.

The event was fun and I spent most of my time in Chat room o__O (huh ??) There are 3 sessions which are

OpenSocial: It is an API which serves as middle-tier for Social Network. So the social network application developers don't have to re-implement their application for every different social networks they target. The first presenter, Patrick Chanezon, described the overview of OpenSocial API before passed the control to other API implementers from Hi5 (it is actually a video session), Friendster, eXo Platform, and Globant.

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OpenSocial Foundation Vote

Coding Resources
Links about opensocial in general, many tags to refine what you want to read

Links to code samples and resource for opensocial

OpenSocial tutorial

Google Maps: Presented by Pamela Fox. The session demonstrated various uses of Google Maps API and its flexibility. The API is flexible enough to created a Zombie-shooting game also demonstrated in the session. is also very active user in the chat room : ) Slides

App Engine: I think the attendees are interested in this session the most. The presenter, Patrick, gives overview of App Engine. I personally like Google-style presentation. The slides are simple and embedded many humour (BigTable.) The Simple AJAX Chat demo app is actually the chat room attendees were using.

Wiki Code Walkthrough (not used in talk, may be useful)

The event finished around 10 PM, which is very unusual for any formal event in Thailand. And I would like to say special thanks to my friends in CP32 who makes this happen : ) Because of my constraint (there is only one thing, you know :P), I can't help them much in organizing the event at my university. And what they have done is one of very great technical event in Thailand.

Most of the material are from this page:


Aruj said...

Your review is on an opposite side to mine. I'm glad you love the event. Tov & Earth are the main guys who make it happen. Thanks to them.

Anonymous said...

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