Monday, October 13, 2008

Using Custom Icon for Your USB Flash Drive

Isn't it great to have your personalized USB Flash Drive Icon ?

First things you need to do is to prepare your own icon. If you still cannot get one, I recommend you to read my post: Create your .ICO Icon File.

Follow the steps below to change your USB Flash Drive icon.
  1. Copy your prepared icon to the most outer location of your flash drive. In this post, my icon name is"dora.ico"

  2. You will now have to create "autorun.inf" file at the same location as your icon. I recommend you to download my autorun.inf file from here (Right click on the link and click Save Target As ..) and put it on your flash drive.

  3. Change the content of autorun.inf file by double click on it. You will need to change my "dora.ico" to your icon name. Don't forget to save the updated file before closing Notepad.
  4. Safety remove your flash drive and plug it in again. And your flash drive icon will be changed to the specified icon : )


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Anonymous said...

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Asif Rabbi said...

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