Saturday, December 15, 2007

Great MSN Messenger Clone on Linux

My friend, Tap, recommended me a good MSN Messenger client for Linux, emesence (I am not sure if the author tend to let me pronounce that as em-es-ence).

After some experiments with this new program, I have to tell you that this is by far the best MSN Messenger clone I have ever used. The experience is very similar to Microsoft Windows Live Messenger. The GUI is also polish. Here is a sample screen shot I took.

It seems like installing this program from the package manager is not possible at the moment (without adding unstable repository they provided). However, manually installing this program is easy. Because you only need to unpack the archive file and double click the script to get it run. You can eventually create a nice launcher for this program and assign an icon located at /misc/ directory for it too.

I think this program will soon be a great option from those of Pidgin and aMSN. Finally, I really recommend this program for new Linux users :)

You can get it here,

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