Friday, December 7, 2007

My Java Remote Method Invocation Tutorial in Thai

My assignment in course Distributed System forced me to study Java Remote Method Invocation or, in short, Java RMI. The requirements are to invoke some methods on the server, host my own server and let my client invoke method in it.

Java RMI is in the same position as .NET Remoting object I mentioned before. It facilitates the interprocess communication. However, I think both method are too hard to use. The .NET Remoting requires ugly configuations while Java RMI requires the policy file. They should be easier.

So, to help the less experience Java programmers getting started, I decided to publish an article on how to make use of Java RMI with Eclipse IDE. The article is in Thai language. You can find it here,

Edit: I got some feedbacks from my friends and found that there are still some mistakes in the tutorial. I will correct these when I have time.