Saturday, October 11, 2008

Control Windows Media Player using Windows Mobile Devices

I once coded a Power Point controller for Windows Mobile. It works great and I wanted to bring similar things to other applications, such as Windows Media Player, too.

However, I found Bluetooth Remote Control for Windows Mobile. And it is actually working for me :) I can now get Windows Media Player to play next song, increase/decrease the volume .. from my bed. Doesn't that sounds cool ? :P

Here are some few things to note:
  1. You need a PC and a Windows Mobile Device all with Bluetooth radio. The PC must also runs Microsoft Bluetooth or Widcomm/Broadcomm bluetooth software (technically called a Bluetooth Stack.)
  2. Don't forget to check "Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer" in Bluetooth setting in Control Panel.

  3. The setup is straight forward. Just install the software on PC with Windows Mobile devices connected.
  4. To use the application, run the Bluetooth Remote Control Server on PC and run the Client in your Windows Mobile Device. Select the server from list and you can now enjoy the application :)
Download Bluetooth Remote Control

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Programmers have made it possible to use windows mobile devices to control windows media player. This makes thing much easier for the users.

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