Monday, October 13, 2008

Creating Your .ICO ICon File

There are times when you need to create your own .ico icon files :) With your own icons, you can do many things to personalize your workspace. For example, Using your icon for a USB Flash Drive's Icon or your icon for your file folder.

Creating an icon file is easy. All you need is a icon editing software. In this post I will show you how to create icon using Sib Icon Editor which can be downloaded and used free of charge. You can find the download link at the end of this page.

To create an icon using Sib Icon Editor, follow the steps below.

  1. Start the Sib Icon Editor program.

  2. In most cases, you will want to create icon from photo or prepared image from another image editing program. We will click on "Create a new icon from image file" in this step and choose your image.

    Create a new icon from image
  3. The image will be imported. You can configure some parameters of the generated icon in this step.

    Configure icon parameters
  4. You can do some further editing. When you're done, click on the File menu and Save as... to save your icon file.

    Save your icon file
  5. The icon files created from the program will have .ICO as extension.
Icon file
You can now use the icon created anywhere you want : )

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Thanks for the info. Quick little how-to's and article like this are a massive help and I hope you continue to make additional contributions.